Artikel 1 – Activate Marvell Yukon Ethernet on Hardy

Tip and Trik aktifkan ethernet Marvell Yukon di Hardy Heron dengan kernel 2.6.24

$ sudo su –
[type your password]
# rmmod sky2   –> only need if modules sky2 was loaded. If modules have not been loaded it’s better
# cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net
# cp -p sky2.ko{,.orig}
# perl -pe ‘s/\x6c\x43/\x55\x43/g’ sky2.ko.orig > sky2.ko
# echo sky2 >> /etc/modules
# modprobe sky2

For checking run this command
# dmesg | grep sky2  –> and here the result , maybe look like this
[ 30.364735] sky2 0000:07:00.0: v1.20 addr 0x88000000 irq 17 Yukon-FE+ (0xb8) rev 0
[ 30.365174] sky2 eth0: addr 00:1e:68:46:d3:34
[ 33.962661] sky2 eth0: enabling interface

kalau pake Ubuntu 8.10 or slackware 12.2 masih agak error, kalau pakai Jaunty udah bisalah…
yang jelas kernel 2.6.28 udah support
sorry tips and trik nya udah agak lama…maklum belum sempat ngoprek sampe Agustus 2009 ini

Gaous Afrizal
Im not Angel either Demon just Human


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